The Parish of St Michael and All Angels, Withyham

and All Saints, Blackham

East Sussex

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Picture inside Withyham Church
Inside St Michael and All Angels, Withyham

Picture inside Withyham church
Inside St Michael and All Angels, Withyham

Picture of Withyham Churchyard
The Churchyard at St Michael and All Angels, Withyham



The Chancellor of the Exchequer would like to give us some more cash!

We receive very generous donations from our congregations and members. Many people already give regularly through the Gift Aid scheme. This can be done either through the confidential numbered envelope system, or by regular bank payments to the Church. Gift Aid is entirely confidential. On receiving your form, the Treasurers will give you a number to enable them to identify your donations and thus claim tax back. The relationship between your number and yourself is known to the Treasurers alone.

We are able to claim from the Inland Revenue an additional 25p for every pound donated, as long as the donor is a taxpayer, either directly or via investment tax.

In 2009 we reclaimed over £7000.00 from the Chancellor. If all our collections and giving had been through the Gift Aid scheme, the amount would have risen to over £10,000.00!

This does not necessitate a regular commitment from any individual and the methods of contributing are many and varied.

    * By envelope, whenever one comes to church - most people favour this

    * Or by banker’s Order – monthly/quarterly/annually

    * Or by a combination of the two

Most weeks, over 50% of the collection is in cash and not in an envelope. This means we, as a community, are losing over £30 per week, which we could claim from the Taxman. This is £1,500 per year or one fill of the oil tank!

To encourage people to use the envelopes, we are placing some at the end of the pews, which is common practice in most churches. Please help us to maximise our Church income without any extra cost to each individual.

If you have not got a St Michael’s tax payer identification number, please fill in one of the sample forms at the back of the Church and I will supply you with a number.

If you already give through the Gift Aid scheme via your bank and also give at services, please use a numbered envelope for this purpose.

If you give, even if not regularly, and are not already registered for Gift Aid, please take a moment to print off and complete a form and return it to your local Treasurer (Tony Heath (740577) in Blackham, or Anne Barker (661393) in Withyham), or to a Churchwarden, or to a Sidesman. The two minutes spent completing this form can make a big difference to us all. Please contact any of those listed if you need further information.