The Parish of St Michael and All Angels, Withyham

and All Saints, Blackham

East Sussex

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St Michael and All Angels, Withyham

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All Saints, Blackham


Letter from the Rectory April 2019

Dear Friends,

We celebrate Easter again on 21st April – nearly as late as it can be.

It has been estimated that evidence for the resurrection has been examined more carefully than evidence of any other fact in history. It has been weighed and considered by some of the greatest scholars, among them Simon Greenleaf, who held at a professorship of law at Harvard University from 1833-1848. He is viewed as one of the greatest authorities on legal evidence in history. When he examined the resurrection in light of all the laws of evidence, he concluded that it was that it definitely was a historical event. He believed that anyone who honestly examined the evidence for themselves would also be convinced of its truth.

In the last century, Dr. Frank Morison, a British lawyer-cum-engineer, set out to write a book repudiating the truth of the resurrection of Christ. He did write his book – but it wasn’t the book that he started out writing. As Morison examined the evidence, this sceptical lawyer found it so overwhelming that he came to accept it and became a believer. The book he wrote, ‘Who Moved the Stone?’, was first published in 1930. It details the evidence for the resurrection; the opening chapter is entitled, ‘The book that refused to be written’.

During the time of the American Civil War, a Union general, Attorney Lew Wallace, also set about to write a book disproving the deity of Christ and his resurrection. He ended up defending it is his famous book ‘Ben-Hur’ which has been described as the most influential book of the Nineteenth century.

As Luke, the author of the Acts of the Apostles put it, ‘He…presented himself alive…by many infallible proofs’ (Acts 1:3).

Jesus Christ is risen – He is risen indeed!

James Campbell